About Raising the Floor (RtF)

RtF is both a movement and an organization

A movement

The movement is composed of people and organizations who are concerned that access to the broadband and Internet is no longer optional, yet many people are not able to use these technologies effectively.   

Participants and organizations in RtF have come together because, like an old barn raising, we can achieve more working together than we can separately – and a coordinated activity is needed to address this complex and pressing problem.

Participants are engaged in a broad range of activities, commercial, academic, voluntary, and governmental, all aimed at ensure that everyone who has trouble using the default interface on modern information and communication technologies (and the default format of content) has the features and tools they need to use them alongside everyone else.

An organization

There is also an international association that has just been formed in Geneva Switzerland to facilitate these efforts called Raising the Floor - International.  

Whereas members of the consortium or movement are engaged in a wide range of activities, the RTF-I association will focus its effort on facilitating the efforts of others and especially fostering the development of a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure.


RtF-I focuses on 5 Program Areas that we think are essential.

More About Raising the Floor

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Raising the Floor - International
Geneva, 1204 Switzerland
+41 22 51 80 791