"Relevance" (why should I use ICT?)

Internet Use Reduces Depression In Elders

A large-scale longitudinal study in the US seems to have found a definitively positive effect of Internet use among retirees. Comparing those who did and did not use the Internet, there was a 30% drop in a key measure of depression. The researchers' explanation is that the Internet's social functions (email, social networks, etc.) offer "remediation of social isolation and loneliness", resulting in lower levels of depression.

Who's Not Online? The Answer Won't Surprise You

The Pew Resarch Center has released a new report on who's not online and why. Many non-users cite a constellation of factors that include usability, accessibility, and digital skills. The number of people in this category, 32% of all non-users, is almost twice what it was 3 years ago. Also interesting is that only 17% of non-users think they could get started on their own, while 63% think they would need some help getting started.

New Study Shows the Value of Backlighting

A new study led by ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Ross found that using a tablet device with backlighting increased reading speed for users with moderate vision loss more than one without backlighting -- 30 words per minute faster. 100 users with low vision tried both an iPad™ and Kindle™ with the print size set to 18 point on both devices.