Collaborate With Us

  • AT Vendors and developers - Join us by creating web-based virtual versions of your products that run from web without requiring user installation on the computer. If your product installs, then work with us to set it up to allow users to auto-configure it from their cloud profile when they sit down to a public computer that has your software on it.   
  • Programmers and Designers- Tackle a useful, important problem. Start with the Challenges page.
  • Students and Academic Researchers: We encourage you to work on an RtF project as a research project, thesis subject, or dissertation topic.  See the Challenges page for ideas, or propose your own.
  • People with Disabilities
    • If you would like to help developers, students, or policymakers better understand disability and what is needed, let us know so we can put your insights to work. We need expert consumers to advise, try, test, and support new projects, report bugs, and write documentation. Some of this work will offer professional positions and training.
    • Check out the Challenges page.
  • Everyone - Take a look at the Challenges page, the rest of this site, and the GPII site. There are lots of things that need doing and skills of all types are needed. Find something that looks interesting, or write us and tell us of your skills and interest. We have teams of all types and teams needed skills of all types.