Founding Sponsor Levels

Those individuals or organizations providing major gifts during the first year of Raising the Floor - International will be considered Founding Sponsors.  Such sponsorship is critically important in helping the organization get started.


Founding Sponsors must commit to annual funding over a period of three years, with initial year received by December 31, 2011.  Founding sponsorships will be recognized at five levels, as follows:

  Bronze - An annual gift $20,000 to 99,000 for 3 years   
  Silver - An annual gift $100,000 to 249,000 for 3 years   
  Gold - An annual gift $250,000 to 499,000 for 3 years
  Platinum - An annual gift $500,000 to 1 Million for 3 years
  Diamond - Gifts over 3 million total


In addition, small non-profit organizations will be recognized as Founding Sponsors at the Bronze level for an annual gift of $5,000 for 3 years.


NOTE:  Since many organizations budget on an annual basis, only the intent to fund for the succeeding 2 years is required to qualify for founding sponsor.  

Special Recognition for Founding Sponsors  

  1. Founding Sponsors will receive special recognition at an event at the United Nations. The event in December of 2011 will recognize the founding of the Raising the Floor Initiative and its relation to UN and other international programs.  
  2. Founding Sponsors will be featured on the Home Page of the Raising the Floor website and of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure project.
  3. Founding Sponsors will be free to use this designation on their own websites, promotional materials, reports and other materials.  
  4. The Founding Sponsor designation is permanent and does not depend on continued funding.  The recognition of the role in helping to found Raising the Floor - International is also permanent. 

For more information

Those interested in becoming a Founding Sponsor, or just learning more about it, should send an email to President [at]