Building a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII)


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The primary objective of Raising the Floor is putting the Web within reach of all those with disability, literacy, or aging related accessibility barriers regardless of their economic status.

The GPII will combine cloud computing, web, and platform services to make access simpler, more inclusive, available everywhere, and more affordable. When completed it will provide the infrastructure needed to make it possible for companies, organizations, and society to put the web within reach of all --  by making it easier and less expensive for consumers with disabilities, ICT and AT companies, Public Access Points, employers, educators, government agencies and others to create, disseminate, and support accessibility across technologies. 

Cloud4all is a large scale integrating project grant funded by the European Commission as part of FP7.    Cloud4all is is funding core parts of the GPII development including standards work, preference server, federated repository of solutions, matchmaking and delivery as well as over a dozen implementation ranging from operating systems and browsers, to digital TV, kiosks and smarthomes. For more information see and the GPII site (, the wiki ( and the working lists ( 

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