Solutions MasterList

This Program Area will compile information on access techniques and approaches for all known barriers and disability categories. This includes techniques found in commercial software and hardware, free software, research prototypes, etc. Information will be provided about which groups can benefit from them and how, which commercial and free programs use them, and any research that is known about the technique or approach.

Full MasterList  (all disabilities)
MasterList by Disability:
Photo of a woman using a site with screen magnification and high contrast.

The information is currently being compiled into a database that will generate the "MasterList of Needs and Features” and feed research projects. This list and database can serve as a resource for researchers, developers, students, and others interested in understanding or developing products that incorporate one or more of these features.

Much of the review and continual input to this database comes from the individual disability discussion groups as well as from those active in research development and consumer information activities. The current draft MasterList lists the major approaches identified to date along with

  • a short description of the approach
  • which disability groups would benefit from the approach 
  • commercial software that uses the approach
  • free or demo commercial software that uses the approach
  • opens source software that uses the approach
  • research on the approach

The long term objective is to grow this initial outline and provide a rich resource of ideas and current knowledge on the different known approaches for enhancing access for those with disabilities, literacy issues, or effects of aging.

Registries of Free and Open Source Solutions (Coming Soon)