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We need help from people with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. RtF is just getting off the ground, and this is a great time to join the initiative as an early contributor.

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We put together focus groups of consumers and other stakeholders frequently, for phone and online discussions and brainstorming. Let us know if you'd like to participate.

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Visit our Collaboration page for ideas about how people with technical skills, policy savvy, a wide network of people who care about accessibility, or writing and editing skills can help us build and extend our programs. Or get in touch with us directly -- we've got ideas, and so do you.

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Visit our Challenges page for Grand Challenges,  Challenges, and To Do's;  ways to contribute at all levels.   

Spread the word

It's simple, it's easy, and it's powerful. If you don't have the time or the resource to contribute, just help spread the word. Tell your friends and family about the work we're doing and the ways that they can help out. For more ideas on how to get people involved, or to join the awareness effort, get in touch with the Awareness and Outreach Group.