Needs & Numbers

This group is focused on disability statistics and market research as they pertain to accessible ICT.

Raising the Floor Surveys -- Fill One Out Now!

At Raising the Floor we're very interested in what you think about accessible technology, whether you're a person with a disability, a senior, a staffer at an ICT or AT company, or anyone else interested in making technology easier to use for more people. Please look at our list below and consider filling out any of the relevant surveys we have going right now. Thanks!

User Needs Survey of People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Below are some terms that may be used to categorize information about Needs & Numbers. The goal is to refine this list and use it to categorize content that we add to our Drupal Book, annotated bibliographies, resource lists, etc.

Agenda for Needs & Numbers Meeting, April 18, 2012

Welcome & Introductions

Brief Explanation of Raising the Floor and the Needs & Numbers program

  • Disability Statistics: how many people experience which barriers when trying to use which ICT products?
  • Market Research: what happens next?

NTIA looking for comments on new broadband adoption survey

NTIA is requesting comments on "Computer and Internet Use Supplement to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey" by June 4. They're going to add 12 questions to the monthly survey of 54,000 households; a draft of those questions is attached.

You comment by emailing an NTIA staffer.