Raising the Floor Project-Programs

Raising the Floor is organized around 5 major activities.

1. What is needed?

Photo of an abacus.

Needs and Numbers - Detailed and quantified information on people who experience the different barriers to use of ICT and content. This includes information on how those people can be served better by educators, businesses, etc.

  • Needs must drive overall efforts.
  • Important for research, policy, and market planning.

2. What exists to address these needs?

Photo of a woman using screen magnification and high contrast.

Masterlist of Strategies - A resource on all known approaches for facilitating accessibility of products and content  

  • Important for product design, finding new opportunities for research and development, and understanding today's accessibility environment. 
  • We want to build off what exists and advance it, rather than duplicating it unnecessarily.

3. How can we fill the gaps between needs and what exists?

Photo of a Mountaintop.

Challenges - A central location for people looking for projects they can work on that would raise the floor of ICT accessibility for all. 

  • Helping to direct the rich resource of students, professors, hobbyists, and interested developers of all types toward the most pressing needs in this area.

4. Creating the infrastructure to make delivery of solutions possible, affordable.

Globe with a missing puzzle piece.

GPII - Building a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure

  • To facilitate developers, funders, policymakers, and others in their attempts to secure, create, and deliver solutions to all who need them, more effectively and less expensively. 

5. Highlighting those who are raising the floor on what is available and affordable.


Spotlight - Recognizing and highlighting the efforts of companies, organizations, governments, and individuals who significantly change the accessibility landscape.